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Our guests

Mt.Yotei is covered by snow on the top. This town, Kutchan is a busy weekend especially around the station because of a festival of Konpira and running a steam locomotive on the weekend. Also "Tabi-tsumugi Backpackers" is a little busy so that is maiking a cozy atmosphere before winter. Some guests haven't stayed the budget accommodation but we'll be very glad if they had a different stay here a...

A Day Trip by Train (From Kutchan To Yoichi)

Why don't you go out from Kutchan/Niseko area? If you need a chill out day without Skiing & Snowboarding, it's the recommended spot for you in Yoichi Town. The town has a Whiskey Distillery(Nikka Whisky) and freely entering. Try the whisky tasting!!(provided non alcohol,too) In this season(winter 2014-'15), TV shows like a NHK drama program is taken there, so it might be bit busier as compa...

Trek in Mt. Mekunnai, Niseko

Trekked Mt. Mekunnai in the middle of August. It wasn't good weather on the peek, but it was a good scenery before and you'll enjoy the view of Niseko mountains---Mt.Shirakaba, Shakunage dake, Chisenupuri, Iwaonupuri, Niseko Annupuri, Iwanai dake, etc. You may be carful about the bad foothold on rocky stretch around the peek. Accessible to Iwanai dake and Mt. Raiden if having much time. -Requir...

The Starting Schedule in Niseko Ski Resorts

It is snow from 13th/November. The 2 ski resorts "Niseko Grand Ski Resort" & "Niseko Annupuri Ski Resort" will set to open on the 22nd of November. It surely will open if the snow is going on schedule. Incidentally, the resorts have opened on schedule for two times during past 5 years, and otherwise, it took more time. However, the resorts surely set to open in the beginning of December.(Coope...