Mt. Yotei Area Information

Kutchan, located 50 Km west from Sapporo, on the foot of Mt. Yotei, is known to be one of the heaviest snowfall towns in Hokkaido. Its history began about 120 years ago when the first pioneers settled in 1892. Enjoy your relaxing time in this new-old town with nostalgia feeling.

  • JR Kutchan station 9 minutes walk
  • Supermarket 6 minutes walk
  • Convenience store 8 minutes walk

Ski Resorts

Niseko Hirafu
Niseko Hirafu,Hanazono
These are world-famous ski resorts. Foreign investments have grown in this area recently that made these resorts truly international. Free shuttle bus is operated between the resorts. 10 minutes drive to Hanazono ski resort from the hostel.
Asahigaoka ski slope:
This good unknown ski slope is recommended for families and beginners. There are cross-country ski course and sleds area. 5 minutes walk from the hostel.


Niseko Goshiki Onsen
Kutchan Onsen:
Great view of Mt. Yotei from outdoor bath. 3 minutes drive from the hostel. Discounted coupon is available.
Niseko Goshiki Onsen:
Popular Onsen for its rustic atmosphere. 20 minutes drive from the hostel (summer).
Niseko Yukichichibu Onsen:
Onsen here outwell below their bath tabs. It is selected as one of the three greatest secret hot springs in Japan. 30 minutes drive from the hostel.
Retro public bath house in town. 4 minutes drive from the hostel.


Niseko Annupuri (1,308m)
1.5 hours from Goshiki Onsen
Niseko Iwaonupuri (1116m)
1 hour from Goshiki Onsen
Goshikionsen~Onuma~Oyachi wet bog ~ Shinsennuma
3 hours

Mt.Yotei(1,898m)Mt. Yotei is for hardy hiker. Guides can be arranged on request. There is Hangetsuko lake hiking course at the entry point of Mt. Yotei trail.


Natural History Museum Kutchan
Introduces history and culture of the town and nature around Mt. Yotei and Niseko area. 10 minutes drive from the hostel Natural History Museum Kutchan:

Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum
Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum
Displays Arishima Takeo’s biography and literature. 20 minutes drive from the hostel.

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